Friday, April 20, 2012

after 15 years, it's very touching

So today is my anniversary. It's my 15th year anniversary of having been with a man, one and only, my SRK. It's been 15 years and it feels like forever and ever. The person I am today, you, I can't imagine myself in a situation where a man be interested to marry me.

I went to Pulau Perhentian with my collegues for vacation and the instant we got there, I saw this guy I liked and who totally my type, I guess huhu. Then, later he ended up right near me and he said, "Have a nice vacation but please do not walk alone at night". I said, "I know, bro."

I ended talking to him. He said he wanted to go back on the 2nd day and decided to exchange numbers. My friend gave him my number but since the speed boat already waiting, so I just said nothing except my nickname.

Well, only after 2 weeks later he called me, asking for outing with him. It's just a simple meeting and we promised to meet at KFC (where else to go in New Castle, you...) but unfortunately I didn't know what's in his mind. Until few hours, tak nampak batang hidung dia. At the end, it was too bored and weird, and nothing has happened.

I guess I should look further on the positive side of thinking. I don't expect for anything. He didn't come to meet me at KFC because he was waiting at McDonald. Akak salah dengar atau dia yang kurang ambil perhatian. It's ok, small matter.

Life must goes on. If I've made it 15 years, surely I can make it 20 years, and if I can make it 20 years, then of course I can make it 25 years. By then, I'm guessing that I will be the one who ends up asking myself, "Am I taking the right decision, am I sharing life with the right man?", since the day I knew everything about this man, SRK.

Sometimes I just want to live happily, come home from work with a great face, being  the best mom to my daughters, being a perfect wife to my husband who will love me forever.


  1. Congratulation!! 15 years ia a great times spent with the person who loves you and surrounding with the children.

    Kakak take this opportunity to wish you Happy 15th anniversary...

    Intan... kakak senior 2 years than you hihi...

    1. Thanx kak Zakie, bkn mudah kan nak maintain smp 15 tahun... :)

  2. happy anniversary kak intan, moga kekal hingga ke alam sana...

  3. Replies
    1. Tq ana...yup..akak br je landed semalam..huhu

  4. hepi enivesari akak...
    i baru nak ambik STPM masa tu...
    jangan lupa tulis cerita london ye...hehehe

    1. Tq dik. Owh...baru nak amik STPM ek time tu..akak dh msuk new era hehe :)

  5. tahniahnya akak intan tuuu.. uhhuuu

    1. Tq ler hajiMete tp tn haji lagi lama kan :)


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